Conversation Facilitation Kiosk


The 'Conversation Facilitation Kiosk' is an SMS machine and alcohol sensor. 

This kiosk asks users to enter a phone number they wish to sext and then has the user register their B.A.C. level by blowing into the silicone tube that enters the kiosk after pressing a red arcade button. Once their B.A.C. level is registered, a sext is randomly chosen relative to how inebriated the user is — the higher the alcohol content, the raunchier the sext. 

The intent of this interaction is to be a conversation facilitator due to the anonymity of the sender of the sext. If one receives a sext, due to the ambiguity of the machine itself, a recipient can use it as an opportunity to break the ice, for example, with a colleague or a person they may be interested in pursing. Thanks to SMS, inebriated conversation facilitation can happen real-time all over North America, creating a domino effect of social interactions.